2011年6月30日 星期四

Die Ewig Suchen

Was ist wichtig für ein Man die das Ewigkeit suchen?
Jesus sagt uns wenn wir  die irdischleben lassen,und denn unirdischleben findent.
Was bedeut das?
Wünschen Sie uns selbmord?
Jesus würden nicht tot,weil die Manschen er liebe ihn mord!
Er war die Herze schmerzen mehr als die Pein die Fleisch.

Die Ewigkeit ist bist jetzt zu immer noch.
Selbmord am Erde bedeute ewigkeit ende.
Und kanne nicht besser Himmel gehen!

Jesus war tot für uns,denn wir müssen nicht unser leben zu selbst schneiden.
Order wir könne nicht mit Gott union ,weil nach sein Auferstehung unser leben über Tot genehmt hatt!
Das ist ein Prozedur,bist jetzt zu Ewigkeit!

Die sache wir lassen müssen ist das irdisch Ziel.
Zu beispiel,das luxury leben,und die Ambition.
Wir haben nur ein Ziel,das ist die Himmel!
Bist jetzt und immer noch!

Wenn wir  Himmel suchen,bestimmt es findet!

Book Review for Wuthering Heights

Long time ago,when I was a teenager,I had chances to read Wuthering Heights,I made decision to only peek the structure ,but not to put myself in.Do you know why?Because I prophet someday I will read it in original language ,and I would be fascinated,for I am someone who never spoiled my taste! 
English classical literature had no rustic and violence,because England was very civilized. 
And female writers had their own room ,because their fathers adored them!So does Bronte Sisters,I cherished their works from I've begun to read! 
Old Catherine and her daughter were very similar in looking,but different in character,the Mother was deep and sentimental,the daughter was naive and happy.I couldn't suffer when little Cathy was jailed, 
a lark lose her freedom!And did you felt that little Cathy and little Linton were the original idea of another beautiful story"The Secret Garden"! 
Besides,did you feel the slight evil of romance was redeemed ,when Heathcliff died in repent? 
To be honesty,this novel jailed my mind for a while,because of I was totally fascinated! 
I haven't seen Wuthring Heights on film,but,only words had enchanted me! 
How could I ask more? 

2011年6月29日 星期三

Book Review for Thomas Wolf's Look Homeward Angel

This is my favorite American Romane. 

Began from old Gant and his American dream. 
He was the first generation of American immigrant. 
Old Gant and his wife Eliza were tough and rustic,but, 
they knew where will be the place called HOME! 

Their children were not always liked them! 
Ben was a spirit like fellow,and always sick. 
And Eugene,our leading role,seems like selfish,sensitive,and intelligent! 

Gant and Eliza hard work for Eugene to pursue his achievement in knowledge. 
But!It was painful to grow! 
Eugene fall in love,and what he gained at last ,was a broken heart and despair! 
Ben was so considered for his dearest younger brother. 
He guided Eugene through pain then soon he died. 
Eugene was so confused after Ben's death,uncertain about living in the scholar life or to be a adventurer.At last he choose school life. 

Eugene's first love is a little bit like my favorite movie"Cinema Paradiso"! 
And I feel pity that American theater ignored this beautiful story for long!

2011年6月25日 星期六

Die Wunderbar Welt

Was können das Berg sagen?
Wenn du allein das Berg steigen!

Hören Sie die Zikade!
Es sing im Forst wie String Quartet!

Hören Sie der klein Bach!
Er schlag das Rock wie spielen die Tremmol  !

Hören Sie die Vogel!
Sie haben viellen Liebelied mit dir erzahlt!

Wo ist deine Flöte?
Bestimmt es braucht wenn du Reise!

Und das Kinder lachen,
Fragen der Sonne"Warum der Welt ist wunderbar?"

2011年6月18日 星期六

Lark Rise with Song

There was a small town,surrounded by mountains,but those mountains were actually very small,too.
However,in the valley,you would hear all kinds of birds singing,although people who live there had never truly cared!
In this small town,was a young woman,who lived with her rabbits,books,violin,and piano.However, people just ignore her, including her music.No one know why she live alone,but young men would talk about her quietness,and her age,in the tavern ,especially when they dislike their girlfriends!
Seldom did her go on street,hearsay,her family were dead in a accident,left her a lot of money,however,nor would she buy luxury cloth ,but only red carrot and the latest sheets for violin!
Sometimes,she would walk her rabbits,took a pair of rabbit into the park, sat on grass ,and read some novels written in German.And her rabbits which were both spotty ,eating the flowers surround her.
One day,the postman was a little bit late,but the people there were very meek and patient.The postman carried a package,which was very large,and with a label written "uplift".

Kids saw the postman ridding the bike,group up to fallow him and sang weird songs out loud.
"Birds said the post were late!"
"Sun said there were enough to eat!"
"Mom said we must go into bed!"
"Who receive the post will never retain!"

When the postman rode by the young woman's shabby house,he stop,knock the door and called
"You got mail,Miss Marple!"
The young woman was playing a beautiful England Folk Song---Green Sleeves ,and noticed not the voice of the post man.Kids crowded beside the window and swift the curtain,saw the young woman who possible named Miss Marple,melt in her music and kids were very charmed by her beautiful tone!
After the song,she sigh along without reason,and kids yelled!
"You got mail,Miss Marple!"
She watched through the window and said ,
"You naughty children!"
And she opened the door.
"This is your package Miss,and please sign!"
She sign her name then carried the package inside.
Kids fallow inside and asked
"Could we see?"
Kids are always curious!
"Okay!But be quiet!"Not yell too loud!"
She carefully opened it.It was a very old violin which was dark and heavy!
Miss Marple began to cried.
"My favorite teacher,and father,you passed away!"
She couldn't stop weeping,kids were very wondering!
"Miss Marple why do you cry?"
She sighed ans said
"This is my violin master's instrument!"
"If he has dead?"A little girl ask!
"I'm not certain,but what could I certain?"
"Do you play for us?With this old violin?"
She put it on the shoulder and play a beautiful song call "On Wings of Song"!
The village was echo with the romantic melody.
Many busy people still ignore the music and the young woman
But when she play,
All The Lark Rise with The Wings of Song.

2011年6月12日 星期日

Ein Neun Welt

Ich wunchen ein Neun Welt.

Wenn die Manschen und das Tier mit ein ander zu sprichen.

Wenn der Reich und die Arm beide glücklich.

Wenn wir  der Gottes Wort hören und antwort.

Wenn der Mann und das Kinder  am Wald zussamme spielen.

Ich wunchen diese Traüm .

Weil Ich deine gleich Traüm wissen.

2011年6月11日 星期六

Summer Sky

When I looked into sky.
There was soft cloud dance with lace.
How I love the summer sky!

Summer has come for one week.
And I feel the nature was changing.

That evening ,I walked on street,
In the neighborhood with trees.
The New Moon shined between the trees!
And when I try to find out.
There were twinkle stars!

I didn't know how would the stars so clear?
I couldn't help singing a song,which I made up,
To worship the New Moon Starry night!

And I believe,
The world is hopeful!

Do you believe in?

The Life Baggage

Am I alone?
Totally alone?
In a world where love is uncertain.

I couldn't see these faces.
They were my friends,
When I was very young,
But ,turn off!
All become strangers!

I was naked born.
Someday empty leave.
Why should I keep in any touch?

Don't say I am childish.
For I am certain.
I won't bring anything heaven.

These groups of people shared laughter and tear.
Suddenly,gone with the wind.
All left is the memory.

I carried the baggage of memory for a while.
Till they all lost same baggage.

Someday they walked by me.
And I ignore them.
They called me and said,
Where is your baggage?

I said,I am so poor that no property was keep!
She bitterly smiled.

Because I know.
Only when we were very young!