2011年10月30日 星期日

The Lost Soul

Crossing the storm ,there was the rainbow.
Shining there,was a church in the cloud.
My soul was there,
Sound slept with other secrets.
But I hadn't known!
Why the church was locked?
"I got to find my soul!"
I fly till heavenly high!
Zeus said,
"Poor bird!Where are you going?"
"I got to find my soul!"
"When your mind was as great as your soul,
You'll become a universe!
And every spell will be released!"

2011年10月23日 星期日

Begin with Voyage

Clime up the mountain.
You will see your future express .
Expressed like the blue ocean.
And we will hold you there.
In the church with your childhood memory.
Far away,your friends will come to pick you up.
It's your decision!
To leave,or stay!
But never forget,how did you love in my arms.

2011年10月13日 星期四

A Snail's Dream

Why the thunder knocked like trying to break the sky into pieces?

I was covered in the blanket lay on the bed!
Stared outside the window ,yes it was a miserable day!
The grey sky pressured me,raindrops was there
Asking me,where was the sunshine!

I wouldn't want to know the world,
But He insisted to knock me up,
Would anything change?
Under this miserable sky?
I couldn't remember who I am,
I couldn't know if it was day or night,
I felt myself as a jerk ,and not going anywhere!

I hunch myself in the blanket,
The storm was still there,
And I didn't see myself,

Am not I a snail?
Where is the blue lark?

I am only a snail,
Deeply sink inside the blue ink,
And as slow as dying!
Crawling through pages of literature,
And everywhere is my disliked marks!

I heard the thunder so harsh just like fate,
What could I do?
Yes,I heard your words!
But I am not going anywhere!
Because I am only a snail!
And not  doing  harm to any other creature!

I hunch myself in the blanket,
And I disliked the weather!

But gradually the storm was gone,
I saw angels deliver the Gospel to every Meek soul,
They rolled from heaven to earth with the sunlight!
And I was awakened!

Am I a snail or a Blue Lark!?




我也不知道自己長大以後,為甚麼被認為是有精神病的人!我不是耍怪!但是正義與邪惡永無休止的戰爭,似乎是我精神上永遠的困擾!我記得少年時我在夢裡看見光明和黑暗拉扯著我的靈魂,我堅持要光明的一方!而那時, 我還不認識耶穌 !


那最近我是怎麼睡著的?其實,我沒幾天就半夜起來吃一點點安眠藥,這個藥不是天天吃 ,偶而吃,比較有效!睡不好時,我發現自己往往是在心裡不原諒人!已為自己信主,別人的立場都被我否決!




依稀記得孩提時,張著眼睛,在夜裡,不知道睡覺要闔眼,可是沒有煩惱,最後也不知不覺睡著了 !現在我也漸漸不在乎我的精神病了!不是因為我和罪惡妥協,是因為天主是我的避難所!

2011年10月11日 星期二

Note 2011.10.11

Today,I empty myself.And feel what God wishes me to do.God is the best teacher for everything.And so much i wish to silent myself and hear Him.
My feeling for life is begin from the sincerely obedience for my fate .
My fate is my cross,and I carry it then fallow God!

No one could run away from fate,I wouldn't envy others' fame and wealth ,but somehow I am just like a little prince,live in a planet of my own.Sometimes very lonely but still joyful!

Some day ,I might live in another where but not my Taipei,but I only request God for a mind in Heaven.
And He told us,If You Ask,I Answer!

2011年10月7日 星期五

Note -------for Art

I want to see inside myself,to know what do i feel and love.Only when I observe myself I could observe the world.
Lately,I use painting and photos to represent myself.And what I want to show is a mind with a view.
Yes,it is my mind,and I try to know all my sensations!
For an artist,am not I so philosophic?
Sense and Sensibility
When I sense myself the world become my sensibility!
I wish to know myself first then discover the world with beauty or sometimes shame!


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2011年10月3日 星期一

Die Letzte Zikade

Ich gehört dir!
Im Wald ,dabei die Bachlein,
Sie sang zu mir,
Mein liebe Feundlein ,Herr.Zakade!

Ich sucht dir am erst Sommer Morgen!
Sie spricht zu mir,
"Wir sang zusamme,bist tot!"

Und denn ,jeden Tag ich  mit dir sangt,
Die Stimmt wie Echo über der Berg!
Der ganzen Sommer ist unser Konzert!

Einig Tag war ich krank ins Bett,
Sie immer sang zu mir sowieso  am liebsten Freund.
"Vielleich ich tot werden!Könne Sie mir vergessen!"
Aber die Zikade anworte nicht!
Seine Echo aufspreizt  mein ganzen Geist.
Sowieso am liebsten Freund!

Am der Herbst  worden ich gesund,
Ich fragt"Wohin ist unser neun Auswertung?"
Die letzter Zikade am Baum sagt
"Nicht wir vergessen!"

Heute mein Mutter sagt
"Wo ist deine Jacke?"
Es war ein kalt October Morgen!
Ich suchen mein Freund im Wald!
Aber findet ich nur seine Jacke!

Denken mich immer unsern Sommer Konzert,
Aber,das nächste Sommer,
Bestimmt wir unser neun Liebe Lied!

2011年10月1日 星期六

The Universe After Death-----a note

What is death for you?
My dear friends !When you must give up what you used to and reach another place!
Why do people afraid of death?
Because people cannot see what would life be there and we love earth for it is so far we could see.
I know how people sorrowed for their dead relatives or even pets,
My pet,a rabbit was dead for two years,he died with painful disease,I hold him in arms and told him in mind
"Die in MaMa's arms!"then his life passed away in front of me.It is the direct moment I saw life pass by.
But I couldn't see him living doesn't mean we don't love,many times I could still  feel him under my knees and look at me with wondering eyes saying"MaMa I am still here!"

I don't know how great is human beings in front of the all mighty creator?
If some one,as great as Dickens or Beethovan ,their spirit,would it ever influence the universe?
God has never told us He built the universe for human being,many animals and creatures were made before us.Although in Bible He said He wish Human to be leader of creatures.It might because only human were made with God's image ,but, if God created the world for human beings?
Or human beings were too much self esteem!

Chinese said a hero would dead but with eternal fame,and it is so much like eternal life in Christian .
I mean when a genius or saint passed away from earth their spirit would never end.
I don't know if it should be my goal or anyone of my readers.
But when we know the great of universe how could we certain a human being would be any important ?
Would the universe ever cared about human history?
If the universe ever cared about if I am saint or sinner?

I know the universe so little,and you would laugh me so innocent!
But I believe in heaven,it is where I will see Jesus and my Master friends!
But,where is heaven?
Heaven is inside our soul or in some place of the universe?
If the unknown universe would be a place our soul rest?
Do you afraid?Because it is unknown?

So much I wish to be with God travel in the universe with out limit and boundary.
Therefore,I believe in God and His words,because only He would be my direction,and then my soul won't stray in the universe lonely and cold!

Next time when I travel with God in the universe,I will remember to bring a heavy jacket for my arrogant friend Nietzsche!