2012年1月16日 星期一

Fairy Tale3

I rode on the back of a huge whale,Gypsy's ark was very crowded ,and my sister Lora was with them.
We sailed side by side.
"Where are we going to?"I asked them.
"We are going to anywhere !We Gypsy would go anywhere but not be with Nazi!"
"But many drawfs  haven't known!"
"They will come if God agree!"
Bibo was very worried about Jenny Very Young,and he asked Lora
"Could you sent Jenny here?By a wish?"
Lora felt the heart beat again and her foresee eyes appeared!
"What did you see?"
Lora said
"Jenny will take a balloon with many other drawfs!"
A Gypsy elder saw Jenny's foresee eyes and said
"You are the Great Imagine Lady !You are the Great Imagine Lady as in our Legend!"
He hug Lora tightly!
"What's the legend?"
"It's a story about a Holy Girl will lead us through war,and seems like we are possible to avoid the disaster!"
"Only fallow your wish,our ark will pass all danger!"Another elder said.
"But my sister is only Lora!She is a normal girl!She is a little one ........."
"I'm not little anymore!I am a Goddness !Everyone worship me and I despite you my silly brother Steve!"
After the word ,a huge whirlpool appeared on the ocean
"Oh!My God!Our ark is swallowed by the whirlpool!"
I insist on to hold Lora's long hair but useless,the ark was swallowed ,my whale was stronger than the ark and only I escaped,with the whale!
I wished to cry,but I worried Lora would be even painful ,I was despaired and hugged the whale.
"Hay!Buddy!Don't cry!Be like a man!I know they are fine!"The whale said.
"Mr.Whale!Are you talking to me by inspiration?"
"I am talking to your mind!"
"Thank you to comfort me Mr.Whale ,I know we feel each other heartbeat!"
"Buddy!You should wait for a drawf ,she will soon come!"
"Oh!I 've heard that Jenny Very young will take balloon here!But how could she find us!"
"Don't worried ,if God wish ,everything possible !"
"But Bibo is not here, neither!"
"Oh!Mr.Dickens if this is your pet?"
I heard a voice from sky ,I couldn't watch clearly ,because of the cloud and wind.
"Jenny!Are you there?"
"Yes!Mr.Dickens I am coming !"
I saw a red balloon carried a basket and Jenny sat inside-----for drwaf was very small!
Jenny was not at all a timid girl,she boldly jump and my friend Mr.Whale sprinkled the water to catch her.
For a second ,she rode on my Whale ,too!
"That was a danger!But I love exciting !"
"Jenny! How could we find Bibo and Lora ?"
"They had been attracted by Poseidon!According to a witness sea gull I've heard in air!"
"How could we find Poseidon's palace?"I asked.
"Buddy!It's not a difficult task for me!But Poseidon is famous for bad tempter !He is hard to deal with!"
"Don't worry !Jenny Very Young would do everything to rescue her best friends!"
"Jenny!We three will be together !"
"And don't forget this !The magic book!"
Jenny gave me the book  ,and I know I have to keep the last wish!

Mr.Whale dived into the ocean deep, nymphs show us the passage to Poseidon's Palace.
It was a huge cave in the ocean ,and the cave was bright with the shining light of the  diamonds.Countless mermaids singing beautiful songs around the throne of Poseidon.Poseidon looked at me and said
"Steve Dickens!Here you are!I've wait you long!"
"Your Majesty!Could you release my sister and friends?"
"Good boy!Your sister Lora and you have done a good job for your fellow ----Drawfs and Gypsy!And I will
challenge you and Lora now !"Bring them out!" The nymphs bring out Lora,Bibo and our fellowships!
"Steve!"Lora ran to me and we hug each other!
And the old Poseidon smiled to us !
"My little Lora,tell me now are you a goddness and better than others?"
"No!I am not......I was God's helper ....to rescue the innocent Gypsy.....and because I was too proud so did we meet disaster !"
"Very good!My little Lora and Steve,do you give the wish book to me?"
"But I must make my third wish !"
"So make it now!"
"I wish everyone is God's angel and no one be neglected!"

All of a sudden,a dragon  picked us from the ocean into the air,he fly with the speed of fir and we couldn't see anything!And the next moment we were at home!

Lora and I sat under the pine tree,and the summer breeze surround us with tender kisses !And the pine tree was so tall that hard to see the tree top.............
...........the end..........

2012年1月13日 星期五







2012年1月11日 星期三

Note 2012.1.11

Hello!Here I am,talking to people who using the net.
If I don't work on fairy tale project,would I drew you mad?
Not always,you would say so,then,I don't work on it!

No one care about lark!Especially when she try to put place,
But it is lark's nature,how could you blame me!

Still no one notice lark,lark is sad.......all lark cry alone,but laugh with fairy tale readers!
Ha!It was real,not jog!

Tell you a secret ,I'm reading something interesting,but,you wouldn't understand ,because it is lark's friend's masterpiece!A masterpiece which would change the dynasty!
No!Even if you threaten on me,I won't tell you a word,it is my secret!
And it is blue lark 's pleasure to keep mystery !
The doctor said"Lark don't forget the medicine before sleep!"
How I hate the medicine and doctor!

"Lark is just fine!She doesn't want share her mind,so does she mad......"

It was my known's considerate for me!And you jealous!No one know you !
"Why couldn't you keep quiet,and rest ,ponder for philosophy?"Plato said.
Because I'm not a philosopher,and I don't know what am I thinking about....!

Should I stop reading?
No!If I desire that novel then I must read through it!
And my unstable spirit is just a process for absorbing!

Should I try to be normal?

Then I must take medicine!
But only sick people need medicine,and I want try to be normal!
Then I will throw my medicine away.
But I felt ghost and God both talking to me,how I want peace..........


2012年1月8日 星期日

From A Plain Author

What is my topic today?
I got to write something!But why?
Because.....I heard God wish me write!
However,I'm not a philosopher today!
Will I be a fairy tale writer?
Or just to write like talk....like a essay?
Yes,I should!To write a essay,for every thirsty soul!

Taipei have rained for days,I don't know what should I play,I am not so enthusiastic about internet,neither music instruments.I think raining day make me depressed.And I haven't caught any chances to happen in love.
Maybe my mind is very empty now.And I like to find food and look my little maid cook.I like to play food,but,only simple brauch!My favorite was french toast,fried toast covered with liquid egg.After it was done,I felt very contributed,because it is absolutely delicious and comfort for a hungry mind and stomach!
And I don't make plenty drinks!And I drink low coffeeine coffee!My life is very plain....
Because it was raining and chilly for days.So what can I play?
Yes,I know,I should write fairy tale 3,but I 'm reading something that might change my way,and I don't want show now!
Do you know my friends and families are all busy about wedding life?
I must say I am very selfish,life is very short,I don't want to burden myself by another part.I only want to make sure that my poor soul will go into heaven!Then it's a deserved life!Since I've single for so long,and life is short!Why should I find trouble to myself?In heaven,there is no marry and be married!
I don't play romance!
I would play words and music ,then people would notice me!
I'm not lazy nor diligent ,but I wish to keep in a lovely world,by every lovely friendship.
I felt God told me He "like" me play everything.
However,I'm not so enthusiastic about anything in a raining and chilly season.

I'll stay at home all day today.I miss my piano room in the chapel.But I won't play it , I've been occupied by a project about Myth.And I miss my Web -Friends,I am talking to web-friends .....
Have you ever known a plain person like me?

2012年1月1日 星期日

Fairy Tale2

Lora hold her story book,and read it under the Pine tree in the forest.Steve became somebody at school.Every girls and boys fascinated by his adventure,and Lora felt very ignored.Lora and Steve were best playmates,but not now anymore.Lora played along,but her other girl friends only wanted Barby's tea party,no one every know she dream an adventure ,a true adventure as Steve had!
But the forest wasn't so quiet like Steve had said.Lora heard wolf cried in the deep wood.Lora was frightened  and carried the book ran and ran.My Gosh !Lora was lost in the wood!
Lora was a girl who had always dressed in pants,and good at sport.Especially jumping is her advantage!Father called her"My little Deer Lora"and she felt very proud !For a while,she calm down and slowly walked,and found out her book was lost by the way.Poor Lora!
The sun was setting,she didn't cried,because she believe in the drwaf will come,just like Steve had said.She was thirsty , hungry,and cold.She knew she must keep walking,although she was tired.The Moonlight shined a path on the ground,a silver path Lora fallow with.There was a cabin between two oak trees.And the  cabin shine with dimming light.She knocked the door.
"Who was there!?This is Bibo Very Old!"
"Hello!I'm Lora Dickens ,and I'm lost!"
Because Lora was a very small girl,therefore Bibo didn't look unusual,just be with a big head.
"Dickens family is what I received not so very long time ago!Please come in ,young lady!"
It was a cabin with chime,and there was boiling coffee on a pot.
Bibo had her a mag with hot coffee
"Please be seated !Make yourself as comfortable as you wish!"
"Thank you Mr.Bibo Very Old.You are the kindest drwaf I've ever met!"
"Of course!No other Drawf would be kinder than me!"
Lora seep the hot coffee and felt very cosy
"Sir!Had you ever found out my old story book in the woods?"
"We Drawf do read !But which book do you mean?"
"Oh!I know it ,it is Arabia fairy tales,that me check my shelf!"
There was a large shelf in the coner ,which covered with heavy dust. Bibo moved a chair and stand on it.He used a duster to sweep the shelf.
"Here you are!It was my favorite book!"
"It is exactally the same book with the one I lost,but could you tell me how come it is here?"
"My young lady,it is a book which recognized it's belong!"
"Such a mystery!"
"Absolutely !"
"Could I read it now!?"
"My child!You should take some sleep!"
"But we both drank some coffee!Let me read till sleepy,please!"
"Okay!But don't make any wired wish ,or Gypsy would blame me!"
"I've heard of Drwaf and Gypsy live together!"
"Many times!Especially when we discuss about astronomy and climate !"
"If it was a meeting?"
"Sort of!But sometimes we held party,too!Especially when we have gust!Like You and Steve!"
"How I wish to be a Gypsy with  foresee eyes!"
After she spoke out her wish ,the cabin shake and shake ,the ground broke ,a tunnel show !
"Bibo!Where would the tunnel lead to?"
"Lora!I'm very certain ,it is the tunnel to the Gypsy's Nest!"
"The Gypsy's Nest!What a place!Let's finding the way!"
They took the lighter and crawled into the tunnel,Bibo went first Lora fallow after,and unexpectedly, they met the Moles' family.
"Who do you think you are,you rude drawf,and a very insolent human-being!"
"I'm very sorry Mr.Mole !We are looking for the Gypsy's Nest!"
"Not so far!But no way turn back to human world!"
"Could you tell me why?"
"Because Nazi want murder all Gypsy,the tunnel will disappear very soon!And Gypsy will hide for ever!"
"Oh!My goodness!"Bibo looked at Lora and said
"Should we give up,Lora?"
When Lora tried to asked her conscious ,she felt her heart was heater and on her left palm,a eye appeared.
Naturally she saw a Ark ,the Ark was in storm but no harm would suffer it!
"We must tried to find them,they will be on voyage!"
"If Gypsy was in danger,Drawf would never turn away!"
"Bibo!I'm happy to hear that,it will be an true adventure!"
"That's go now!"
And Mrs.Mole said loudly
"Young fellow!Do you want cup of tea?"

Bibo and Lora crawled in the long tunnel,till they were both sore.
"Lora!There was the light,very close by!"
When they both stood up all they could see was dozens pf sharp spears focus on their neck.
They were all Gypsy!
"Bibo!Who is this stranger?You betrayer !"
"No!She was one of the chosen!She belong the Foresee Eye!"
"Who you are ?Outsider!"
"I'm Lora Dickens who was a human-being and now try hard to be your friend!"
"You've stolen 1001Nights?"
"No!We share!With my brothers!"
"What did you see by your foresee eye?"
"I saw your Ark!"
They took away their weapons and murmured
"May I go on the voyage with you?"
"Baby little girl,do you know your brother is looking for you?"
Lora danger forgot Steve ,she felt her heart heat again ,and a eye appeared on her left palm.
And Lora saw Steve reading 1001Nights in the cabin ,and he said
"I wish to be with Lora!"
Lora was very glad!
"Bibo ! Steve will soon  find us!We would trip together!"
"Come on !We will soon depart !"
They pulled the Ark into the ocean and it was dawn,the sun rose from the horizon .
"But my brother!"
"We cannot wait!"
From the ray of sunshine ,a whale swim toward the Ark ! It came closer and closer!
A boy rode on the whale!It was Steve!

It will be a Great Adventure!