2012年5月31日 星期四


Wie lange ist die Weg ?
Wie ferne ist der Zeal?

Aber,die Reise ist nur an Anfang.
Warum bin ich müde und pein?

Wohin ist meine Freundschaft.
Es gibt nur der Fremdling auf dem ganzen Stat.
Ich  war ganzen allein ,und die Welt war ganzen leer.

Zusammenfallen, trofften ich ein Jungfrau .
Sie lächelt mit Liebeswrudig.
Und ,ich hatte das Sorgen ganzen geforgessen!

Wenn die Nacht zu kommt.
Sie abfahren müssen.
Weil sie eine armlich Vater habt.
Wir hofften das,
am Morgen noch ein mal treffen.

Am Nacht,
mahler ich seine Gesicht.
Und die Traum war süße und schone.

Kommt ich zu der fremdlich stat .
Suchen ich seine lächelt.
Wo ist meine Jungfrau?
Wo ist sie?

"Sie ist  tot!"
"Seine armlich Vater wünchen nicht ihr ander liebe!"
Die Kinder sagt zum mich und wein.

Also doch ich schnell unterwegs!

2012年5月30日 星期三

Deep Breath

Aimless but never disappointed .
Weak but not discourage.
For many years were I ,
Hadn't known what is the emphasis of life!

How do you know me pursue heaven,
And I had given up the earthly price value!
When people ask me,
"What's your job or diploma !"
I would laugh myself ,
Nothing big deal!
And for many years,
I had forgotten how hurt it was ,
When I thought it was a game for enthusiasm ,
But I failed!

God don't want me mortal,
So cannot I reach my zeal !
When I was totally deserted by the world,
All I could see was the spirit of friendships in mind.
Although they are far away,
But they must be in heaven waiting!

I insisted on to talk to God.
He insisted on to want me leave ambitious .
And ,I obey !Totally but gradually !

Till some day ,
I felt the earth embrace the heaven!
And I took deep deep breath !

2012年5月23日 星期三




2012年5月22日 星期二

A Sleepless Sinner

For many years,I couldn't sound sleep.Every night I would feel myself wondering about many things without target at sleeping time.But,I've heard of a wisdom which was said----Saints are those who cannot fall into sleep.
I've known those who never care about moral would never sleepless,but those who truly confess will absolutely hard to sleep.I have a sensitive and conscious mind,and for many days I've seen my soul and mind lost each other ,I could feel ,because of confession ,I 'm watching myself arguing for good or evil in my life history so deep that I couldn't feel safety for close relationship ,no matter in family or society.I've talked to God---I've repent and confessed could I feel supirior than sin?God didn't answer ,and I was jailed in the Purgatorio as what Dante showed in the Divine Comedy.
Many days ,I've searched for philosophy and art ,trying to find out how to break through this trial,but I could feel the Mother Nature was calling me,and how much I dream to be a bird!
And how strong I could feel the harmony of mind and soul is when someone making friend with nature.Not only harmless but also considered about all the creature.

2012年5月21日 星期一



我一直用最基本的3C產品,sony的用的比較順手,電腦只用PC-shared,但是因為玩Facebook認識了一群志同道合的朋友,接連發表幾次攝影作品集,一些在FaceBook  Album ,一些在Blog,不知不覺中,網路成為我展現自己的舞台,我的網友來自世界各地,會聚在一起的,多是因為彼此評論和欣賞彼此的作品,我還沒有出國過,但是確迫不及待的想要介紹台灣的美給我的外國朋友.我有一顆開放的心靈,雖然只體驗過台灣的山水花鳥,擁抱的卻是全世界!



2012年5月20日 星期日

Die Roselein

Es was regnet und kalt.
Mein Roselein blüte im Geheimiss.
Weil ein Herze vom liebe wir troffen.
Die Welt war leer ohne uns----Ein Dichterin und ein Roses Irrlicht.
Mann manchmal gehört,dass,
der Weg nach Phantasy  geschloss würde!
Dann wohin kann ich die Rose die Kinderlich Kaiserin shanken?

Weil ich.........ein Herze wie Kinder!

2012年5月18日 星期五



離車後奏雨 ,


2012年5月8日 星期二

Fairy Tale--4.

And ,it was after all their life back to normal,Steve and Lora dealt with their life without excitement,someday,they took walk together in the April wind and dizzy raining.

Steve was holding the black umbrella and Lora dressing a yellow hat.

"My dearest Steve!Why sometimes raining could be also fun but some other times it was just so dull?"
"Like today?Today ,it is dull for you?"
"Maybe,but not totally,because at least we talk!"
"I don't know!I couldn't think up a brand new game for so long!"
"So couldn't I,and all I could do is to humming around!"
"Like the Pooh Bear.....humming after bees!"
"Exactly!And do you humming a new melody for me?My little sister?"
"Emm....I've heard a song from a friend and I danger forgot it .....maybe it was like
Brother Sun and Sister Moon ,I seldom see you seldom hear your tune....."
"So sad!Sad melody...."
"Could you say it is sorrow?"
"Genau!But,where did you learn this?"
"From a friend,a small creature!"
"How small?Danger liked the Piglet?"
"Not always!He is a boy,and very sweet!"
"Lovely!If he is also good at day dreaming ,just like both of us?"
"Even better!And he like to draw,and he said it was Future!"
"Therefore!He was a prophet in day dreamer's way!"
"Yes!Just like both of us!"
"Then we should visit him!"
"Steve!Do you know that he is illed?Badly illed,and he called off the school for more than one week!"
"Then we should visit him urgently and desperately!"
"But ,what should we gift him and his family?"
"Only best wishes and flowers!"
Lora and Steve hunched and pinched bunches of wild flowers.

They walked by the church yard,and there was a grey small house very nearby ,with bushes and roses outside,the grey house seemed deserted and isolated.
"Here we are ,my brother!"
"How do we call them?"
"They are Winegardener family ,and the boy is Freddy !"
Lora knocked the door and knocked ,there came a voice
"Here we are !"
And the door opened a white fat cat "Meow !"welcomed them with staring round eyes.
After the cat ,a woman show up,she dressed in shabby clothe ,very very pale,she twisted her fingers just like her eyebrows .
"Mrs....Mrs. Winegardener !This is Dickens !I'm Steve Dickens and my sister is Lora!"
"Em.....What ..what's your business?"
"We've heard about your son is sick ,and my sister and I wish to visit him ..."
"This is for your family!"Lora gave her the beautiful flowers.
"We are sorry about....if  eggs or cake was much more efficient!"
"Don't say so !Mr.Steve Dickens  and lovely Lora!Please come in !Freddy is sleeping,please to keep quiet!"

They walked in.The living room has a lamp with dimming light and a large arm chair in the corner ,the big white cat gracefully lay on a cushion peeking the unexpected guests,and the air was full of the smelling of herb medicine.No one noticed the rain was stop,and the wind  also.

"Please sit!"Mrs.Winegarder said
And the old cat jump on the floor then arrogantly left.Steve and Lora sat on the old and muddy sofa.Lora wondered----"Who makes the sofa so muddy and slide?"
They received hot tea from Mrs.Winegardener.Lora was playing the sugar.
All of a sudden,a very tall and obviously sunburned middle age man came from the front door.And his feet were very muddy ,seemed like a farmer.
"Hello!Kids!Are you my baby Freddy's schoolmates?God know how much he admire your adventure ,ah....let me take of my boots and rain coat !"
"Don't worry Mr. Winegarderner ,we are casual !"
Later they drank tea together and share some homemade cookies,Mr. Winegarderner's face was so bright but winkled and when he shake hands with Dickens ,his hands were full of strength and kindness .
"Freddy is sick for one month ,oh!My sweetest child ,how he dream a pair of strong legs but he couldn't!But he has never complained,oh!My poor little Freddy!He hardly can walk and sore for two weeks!"
Lora was worried and said"How did the doctor said?"
"From my Freddy came to the world ,doctors said he cannot survived ,but,he is always an angel !"
"I've prayed for Freddy since I'd known he is illed.Is he your only child?"
"Yes!And he is as fragile as my mother,but not like me and my wife,their forehead are both unusual fully ,and so intelligent but quiet..........."
"Father!Who are you talking to ?"
Look to Freddy's bedroom ,he walked trembly to the door ,dressed in  white gown ,unbelievably looking to them!
"Oh!My baby ,you must put on a jacket !"
"But ,Mrs.Winegarderner,isn't he walking ?"

2012年5月7日 星期一

A Girl with Blond Hair

Why did you smile to me?
That day ,in the crowded people?
And neither me knew ,
Why did I like you so much---A girl with blond hair!

Seems you hide no secret!
And we knew like long lost friend!

When I thought I am alone,
Beyond consciousness ,
I draw a smiling girl!
When I asked myself,
"Who am I drawing?"

Ya!It was --A girl with blond hair!