2011年12月16日 星期五

Summer Vocation

I dated my friends for trip.
And it was a very sunny day.
My rabbit said
"Let's go to the lily pond!"
And very happy was I, said
"Yes,let's go!"

Violin sang with himself..
melt into the Orchestra of Bugs!

My rabbit wasn't busy.
Only looking for the Gold Fish!

"One fish!Two fish!And over there!
It was a trutle!
Did you see!
How wonderful was the Summer Vocation!

2011年12月15日 星期四

Chloe's Dream

After the old story.
Daphnis joined war,and died .
Chloe was pregnant .
In her dream,Daphnis became angel and told her.
"I'll prepare your place in the heaven!"

2011年12月10日 星期六

Fairy Tale 1

I stood under a tree,a very big pine tree which no one could see the top,and there was very quiet with warm breeze,in May!
No other kids came to play here but only me!I found here just today and very first!
Although I didn't know if my schoolmates would know that I escaped the exam,but,who cares!I didn't dream to be a somebody like a Ph.D ,but just never be bored!
I opened my package and there was a gift from my younger sister Lora,it was a story book called 1001 nights ,with a lots of amazing illustrations inside, must be very expensive,but Lora said she had no idea who desert it on the shelf of our chamber,where only spiders live in!
I could hear the bees were busy and the stream in the woods was singing happy songs,it was without the limits of time ,and I even forgot if I am a Chinese or a Arabia!
After I read through the stories it was very late,and the Moonlight appeared.I closed the book and murmured
"If only I could make three wishes to come true!"
"And,what is your first wish ,Steve?"
It was a voice from behind,when I looked back,there was a drawf  who carried a very big bag,and dressed in a large red sweater,green short pants,and a purple hat.I wasn't so surprised for I've always believe in Gene's world,and my best friend Paul had told me many stories about the other world!Paul was very shy in class, but
he  always smiled,like hiding secrets !
"Are you a drawf?"
"How did you find me?"
"My master sand me here,because you didn't go to school!"
"Ha!I know it must be Paul!"
"Basically!But only for human world!"
"I remembered he told me he was a deserted infant and many Gypsy adopt him!"
"Truly!Gypsy are all like genes but they have never felt proud of it!"
"Paul said they've learned to disguise and melt into layman's world!"
"My master said you are very much interested in history!"
"Maybe!But today's exam is about symbol logic which I couldn't even like it!"
"For me,a drawf with very silly head,I felt logic like headache !"
"I wish I am a drawf and run out of school for ever!"
After it,a star fall upon my forehead I felt the electric cross my body,I became smaller and smaller,till the same size as my companion.
"Am I a drawf now?Look how large is my package!Hardly could I put the story book inside!"
" You must not go home,we drawfs have very different life!"
"Show me!"
And I must tell you,I had dressed in small clothes as my companion,and a pair of shinning boots!
"And then,what's your name,since I am Steve as you have known!"
"I'm Bibo,from Very Old family,full name is Mr.Bibo Very Old!"
"Ha!It's unusual,I'm Steve Dickens!"
"And now you should call Steve Dickens Very Old's Best Friend!"
"It's a long title!"
"I'm very hungry,are you hungry ,too?"
"So am I!Fallow me!The party will begin very soon, and the kind Gypsy will cook us big dish!"
I carried my package on shoulder,and I felt that if I want the other two wishes,I must be with1001Nights!
"Bibo!Let's go!"
We ran in the forests ,the silver Moonlight show us a path on ground ,I fallow Bibo,the narrow paths wandering between the bushes!But drawfs have very strong feet and never know tired!We ran and ran till the bank of stream.
"I could see the bonfire!Bibo!"
"Yes!It is the gypsy's camp!"
I could hear them sing strange songs and the sound of Zither!
"Steve!Don't speak a word before me!"
"Of course!"
A beautiful short girl--who was a drawf,too--carried a basket of fish came to us!
"Bibo Very Old,here you are!Why are you late today?Ya,I see!You bring us new friend,a very green drawf but actually a human-being!I could smell it!"
"I'm Steve...."
"He is Steve who deserve three wishes and Very Old received!"
"Hello!Steve!I'm Jenny Very Young,who is kind and diligent ,and...."
"And not always pretty,especially in bad mood!"
"Bibo you big mouth!"
Miss.Very Young's face turn into green and hair turn into red!
"Jenny,you bad tempter again,look at your green face!"
"Come Steve!"
Many Gypsy surround the bonfire ,they were singing and dancing,drawfs roasted the fish and beckon ,they sharing the beer.
And the leader of this group is an elder ,who has snow white beard and dressed in a red scarf.He smiled to me and said
"Steve ,would you tell us a story?"
"Of course ,I have many wonderful tales which my father told me and Lora!"
"But we haven't read that story book,that one,you collected in the heavy package!"
"You mean 1001night!Let me read for all of you!"
The drwaf sat around the bonfire they make hot chocolate with marsh mallow,and the Gypsy ,who weren't fear cold sat outside with Drwaf ,and it was very quiet !Owls watched us with curiosity on the oak tree,and seemed like they had know everything!
I open the book and read about Aladin's wishes,and I couldn't help to murmur
"How I wish to say goodnight to Lora,or she would sleepless!"
All of sudden ,I felt a star fall upon my forehead and the electric cross my body,then I was at Lora's bedroom.Lora,who was five years younger than me and she is seven years old.I saw her knelt in front of Holy Cross and pray"Father!I wish Steve was fine,and I believe in he only want to adventure,just like what he had always dream for.Father please be with him!"And I saw her tear on cheek.
"Lora ,I am here,behind you under the chair!"
"Oh!My goodness,why are you so small?"
"Lora,the book you gave me has magic power,if I make wish with it,it will come true!"
And I told her what did I see and heard
And she insist that she must read that story.And it was only the beginning.
Fantasy never End!

2011年12月6日 星期二

Embrace of Love

Where is my home?
When I look into my soul,all I found is lost!
You share the friendship with me ,
And we become----two stray birds!
But,we must find our home!
Why do you so careless,daydreamer!
All of a sudden we heard----melody of harmony!
Like a song without rule,but full of greeting!
There it is!
Between the mountains the Sun waked up!
The wind swallow us with embrace of love!

2011年11月29日 星期二

Morgen Gedicht

Bin ich allein?
Fremd bin ich auf der Welt!
Was ist die liebe?
Wenn ich  nicht der Wahrheit wissen?
Warum die Menschen liebe nur auf dem Phantasie?
Was kann ich findet, zwischen der Wahrheit und das Phantasie?
Wenn der Wahrheit immer hasselich,und das Phantasie schone?
Warum die Menschen liebe wie betrunken?
Warum keine Menschen der Wahrheit liebe?

Bin ich allein?
Ich leben zwischen Phantasie und der Wahrheit.
Das ist ein besonder schwerig Art!
Weil ich  schone und richtig beide suchen!
Das ist naturlich ein schwerig Ziel!

Aber !wenn ich mit der Gott Phantasie?
Danach konne ich liebe und wissen!

Auf den Liebe fur Gott findet ich das Wahrheit und die Liebe!

2011年11月21日 星期一

Die Kannichen

Wo bist du?
Wo ist mein Kannichen?
Bist du da?Zwischen das große Baum?
Höre mal!
Der Wind war sang eine liebe Lied!
Wenn am die Wiet Weg deine am libesten Freund immer dir denken!

2011年11月17日 星期四

Der Morgen Gedicht

Jeden Morgen aufstehen ich mit neun Hoffenung.Aber manchmal bin ich zu langsame und leer im Geist danach
findet mich keine genau Ziel.Und was würden ich zu werden ohnen das Büche lesen wenn am Morgen hören  ich das Lied die Vögel sang ?
Kleine Vögel ,du bist nicht allein,es gibt mein Freundschaft mit dir zusammen!
Für lange Zeit wohne ich  im allein Zimmer ,wenn die erst Vögel sang,aufstehen ich.Und suchen ich die neun Gedicht zu schreiben.Manchmal wurden ich Bibel lesen oder ein tasse Tea zu trinken .Und ein bisschen später findet ich neun Idea für das Leben.
Eigentlich wisst ich nicht was ich bestimmt zu machen oder nicht zu machen,weil ich doch wie ein Vögelein spielen zu selbst.,und sang ich zu Himmel wiesowie mein liebe St. Fransiz vom Aziz !

Note-----about heaven

I don't know how long was the night.But I almost sleepless,and I saw myself try to find out my dream,I mean,the dreams that belongs to me,for I couldn't feel my ego,and I got lost when I melt into another soul,who was a giant and saint ,then I couldn't different what was me ,and what was the impact my idols brings to me.My "idols" means not"many gods" but the "great minds" in history.I'm a student who study great minds,however,I had always made fault!
Some people said their desire a unique mind!But I 'm just eager want to learn  how could I see further and deeper,not like an innocent and ordinary woman.
I love the world very much,but somehow I belong not here,because heaven is my destination.I believe in we come to the earth to learn ,and the earth is our school,and if we know what is truth and love,we will find the way to heaven.You would ask me,what does heaven mean,I think it is eternal joy and peace,where every good soul share love and freedom,and I am willingly to sell out all my property in order to win heaven!
And I don't know if we must all become Jesus then we would be allowed into heaven!I think we must fallow Him!
I was a child who doesn't like to listen to preach.But now I've learned how to listen to truth which I am thirsty for!
I don't know if the world on earth is only illusion and only heaven is true,but I know part of our spirit on earth will be the equipment for heaven,which I think is a good and sharing heart!
Why so many people believe in life is a contest or fighting?It's so tiredsome,isn' t it?And the way to heaven is not at all a contest!But maybe we should fight to shine with the light of Jesus!
I think I am so old!I will be older than Jesus' mortal life on earth!But I'm not at all wiser than Jesus!How could I do more for people I love!
I feel death is very nearby,and I must not be so childish anymore!
Jesus!You've always known,I am searching for nothing but your kingdom!

2011年11月9日 星期三

The Last Train to Dreamland

The last train to dreamland.
Was it !For a tired traveler from very far away.
It was,but wasn't it ,
A coincidence which happened in a miserable world.

Nothing was there ,would it be?
The traveler didn't know an empty dream.
But it was the last train to dreamland!
And it was there ,when he was very young!

The traveler was tired and exhausted ,
The train twinkle with dim light at night .

Nothing was there,wouldn't it?
He doubt with himself,
How could anybody dream,
In this miserable world!

So,it wouldn't be a dreamland,isn't it?

The last night train ran on the wide field.
Rain drops knocked the window ,
It was a storm at night.
But bizarrely was ,the moonlight sparkling  like searching!
And the cold wind blow like roar.

The last train ran slowly on the field.
With a dimming green light endlessly ran.
No other passenger was there,
Beside our traveler.

But, why nobody wanted to go to the dreamland?
It might be deserted,like a old story!

He fall into sleep.
In his vague conscious,the storm roared his name with anger.

It was the last train to dreamland.
And the train stop .
The traveler waked up.
At dawn with the fragrance of dew.
He saw his grandfather sitting on his old rocking chair and smile.

And he said "It is a beautiful day,isn't it?"
His grandfather said"My child it is only a dream!"

2011年10月30日 星期日

The Lost Soul

Crossing the storm ,there was the rainbow.
Shining there,was a church in the cloud.
My soul was there,
Sound slept with other secrets.
But I hadn't known!
Why the church was locked?
"I got to find my soul!"
I fly till heavenly high!
Zeus said,
"Poor bird!Where are you going?"
"I got to find my soul!"
"When your mind was as great as your soul,
You'll become a universe!
And every spell will be released!"

2011年10月23日 星期日

Begin with Voyage

Clime up the mountain.
You will see your future express .
Expressed like the blue ocean.
And we will hold you there.
In the church with your childhood memory.
Far away,your friends will come to pick you up.
It's your decision!
To leave,or stay!
But never forget,how did you love in my arms.

2011年10月13日 星期四

A Snail's Dream

Why the thunder knocked like trying to break the sky into pieces?

I was covered in the blanket lay on the bed!
Stared outside the window ,yes it was a miserable day!
The grey sky pressured me,raindrops was there
Asking me,where was the sunshine!

I wouldn't want to know the world,
But He insisted to knock me up,
Would anything change?
Under this miserable sky?
I couldn't remember who I am,
I couldn't know if it was day or night,
I felt myself as a jerk ,and not going anywhere!

I hunch myself in the blanket,
The storm was still there,
And I didn't see myself,

Am not I a snail?
Where is the blue lark?

I am only a snail,
Deeply sink inside the blue ink,
And as slow as dying!
Crawling through pages of literature,
And everywhere is my disliked marks!

I heard the thunder so harsh just like fate,
What could I do?
Yes,I heard your words!
But I am not going anywhere!
Because I am only a snail!
And not  doing  harm to any other creature!

I hunch myself in the blanket,
And I disliked the weather!

But gradually the storm was gone,
I saw angels deliver the Gospel to every Meek soul,
They rolled from heaven to earth with the sunlight!
And I was awakened!

Am I a snail or a Blue Lark!?




我也不知道自己長大以後,為甚麼被認為是有精神病的人!我不是耍怪!但是正義與邪惡永無休止的戰爭,似乎是我精神上永遠的困擾!我記得少年時我在夢裡看見光明和黑暗拉扯著我的靈魂,我堅持要光明的一方!而那時, 我還不認識耶穌 !


那最近我是怎麼睡著的?其實,我沒幾天就半夜起來吃一點點安眠藥,這個藥不是天天吃 ,偶而吃,比較有效!睡不好時,我發現自己往往是在心裡不原諒人!已為自己信主,別人的立場都被我否決!




依稀記得孩提時,張著眼睛,在夜裡,不知道睡覺要闔眼,可是沒有煩惱,最後也不知不覺睡著了 !現在我也漸漸不在乎我的精神病了!不是因為我和罪惡妥協,是因為天主是我的避難所!

2011年10月11日 星期二

Note 2011.10.11

Today,I empty myself.And feel what God wishes me to do.God is the best teacher for everything.And so much i wish to silent myself and hear Him.
My feeling for life is begin from the sincerely obedience for my fate .
My fate is my cross,and I carry it then fallow God!

No one could run away from fate,I wouldn't envy others' fame and wealth ,but somehow I am just like a little prince,live in a planet of my own.Sometimes very lonely but still joyful!

Some day ,I might live in another where but not my Taipei,but I only request God for a mind in Heaven.
And He told us,If You Ask,I Answer!

2011年10月7日 星期五

Note -------for Art

I want to see inside myself,to know what do i feel and love.Only when I observe myself I could observe the world.
Lately,I use painting and photos to represent myself.And what I want to show is a mind with a view.
Yes,it is my mind,and I try to know all my sensations!
For an artist,am not I so philosophic?
Sense and Sensibility
When I sense myself the world become my sensibility!
I wish to know myself first then discover the world with beauty or sometimes shame!


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2011年10月3日 星期一

Die Letzte Zikade

Ich gehört dir!
Im Wald ,dabei die Bachlein,
Sie sang zu mir,
Mein liebe Feundlein ,Herr.Zakade!

Ich sucht dir am erst Sommer Morgen!
Sie spricht zu mir,
"Wir sang zusamme,bist tot!"

Und denn ,jeden Tag ich  mit dir sangt,
Die Stimmt wie Echo über der Berg!
Der ganzen Sommer ist unser Konzert!

Einig Tag war ich krank ins Bett,
Sie immer sang zu mir sowieso  am liebsten Freund.
"Vielleich ich tot werden!Könne Sie mir vergessen!"
Aber die Zikade anworte nicht!
Seine Echo aufspreizt  mein ganzen Geist.
Sowieso am liebsten Freund!

Am der Herbst  worden ich gesund,
Ich fragt"Wohin ist unser neun Auswertung?"
Die letzter Zikade am Baum sagt
"Nicht wir vergessen!"

Heute mein Mutter sagt
"Wo ist deine Jacke?"
Es war ein kalt October Morgen!
Ich suchen mein Freund im Wald!
Aber findet ich nur seine Jacke!

Denken mich immer unsern Sommer Konzert,
Aber,das nächste Sommer,
Bestimmt wir unser neun Liebe Lied!

2011年10月1日 星期六

The Universe After Death-----a note

What is death for you?
My dear friends !When you must give up what you used to and reach another place!
Why do people afraid of death?
Because people cannot see what would life be there and we love earth for it is so far we could see.
I know how people sorrowed for their dead relatives or even pets,
My pet,a rabbit was dead for two years,he died with painful disease,I hold him in arms and told him in mind
"Die in MaMa's arms!"then his life passed away in front of me.It is the direct moment I saw life pass by.
But I couldn't see him living doesn't mean we don't love,many times I could still  feel him under my knees and look at me with wondering eyes saying"MaMa I am still here!"

I don't know how great is human beings in front of the all mighty creator?
If some one,as great as Dickens or Beethovan ,their spirit,would it ever influence the universe?
God has never told us He built the universe for human being,many animals and creatures were made before us.Although in Bible He said He wish Human to be leader of creatures.It might because only human were made with God's image ,but, if God created the world for human beings?
Or human beings were too much self esteem!

Chinese said a hero would dead but with eternal fame,and it is so much like eternal life in Christian .
I mean when a genius or saint passed away from earth their spirit would never end.
I don't know if it should be my goal or anyone of my readers.
But when we know the great of universe how could we certain a human being would be any important ?
Would the universe ever cared about human history?
If the universe ever cared about if I am saint or sinner?

I know the universe so little,and you would laugh me so innocent!
But I believe in heaven,it is where I will see Jesus and my Master friends!
But,where is heaven?
Heaven is inside our soul or in some place of the universe?
If the unknown universe would be a place our soul rest?
Do you afraid?Because it is unknown?

So much I wish to be with God travel in the universe with out limit and boundary.
Therefore,I believe in God and His words,because only He would be my direction,and then my soul won't stray in the universe lonely and cold!

Next time when I travel with God in the universe,I will remember to bring a heavy jacket for my arrogant friend Nietzsche!

2011年9月27日 星期二

Last Lark in Heaven

Many times ,I asked myself,What am I pursuing?And what I found is disordered ideas and forms.This world hadn't known me,and now it deserted me,for I don't know my character in this world,how could it know me first?

Crossing this river I will reach home,a place I have forgotten for many years.The  Autumn is still poetic like long time before.Long ago when Mr. Winegartner was living,and I was his favorite child in the class.He would watch me writing like I watching my puppies running ,the same adorable sight.And I would ask him "Father how long should my composition be?"He told me" As long as a love story would be."And I asked him again with curiosity "But what is love?"

When I reached my home town,kids stared at me with questions.I hadn't known how do I look like,but seems like people had already forgot how did I playing the piano in the church as a student,and I dared not to ask how was my choir and klavier.But the church was still there with a golden dome and Holy Cross.My house had deserted beside the church yard.Which was surrounded by apple trees and bushes .I lived in this house,
till my nanny told me "My young master,your parents had a accident,they were dead on their way to Africa!"
I was only six ,and I said"Then I will never be to Africa!Never again!"I didn't cry,why should I cry if my parents had always travel without attention for my education?After that, Father Winegartner adopt me,and he was very old and kind.I must learn how to write and think,but mainly,I study composition with him.He was a quiet man,when he wrote ,his hand would shiver.I was so enthusiastic when I represented my words to him.
Every time ,he told me "This is not good enough!You will improve!"And I said"How long must I wait to be a
artist?"And he had always smiled said,"As long as a love story would be!"

And,where is my love story?In these few years?Just like a spell in life,I traveled from one place to another.
And it was after my Father Winegartner left the world.No woman stay my heart,but I like them all.I couldn't have passion for romance,and I liked to be along.Some people said I am a priest but very free.Maybe this is just what I live for!

My house was covered by weed and dust.When I walked inside there was birds' nest and spider's web.I found out many old photos,some were my parents' wedding photos and many were my first baptize.And my mother was so charming and lovely,why does she leave me?

I walked to the church yard ,and sat under the apple trees,the breezing wind told me this season would be a plentiful harvest,and I was so tired.

I heard a voice,a girl was singing,with a tune I've never heard.I opened my eyes and searched for her .I saw a young lady was picking berries.She dressed in light blue looked at me with surprise .
"Who are you stranger?"
"I lived here,I mean ,very long time ago!"
"I live here,too ,till now!"
"Could you tell me what were you singing?"
"I don't know,I invent it!"
"Have you ever learn music?"
"Why should I,I belong to the choir !"
"The choir in church!I did ,too!When I was a student!"
"And you are living in this deserted house,all along?"
"I am not so certain about my future,about where should I stay......"
"Do you come back to church?"
"Why should I?I......"
"What are you searching for?"
"Nothing......I only want to know .....How long should my composition be....?"
"As long as you live and love!"
I smiled to her and she hold my hand said
"My brother,Come back to us!"

On that Sunday,the sky was so clear,seems like I could reach heaven.When I walked into the church,I saw her leading the children singing.And she dressed in Sister's uniform.When the choir sang,it was a song I was familiar with,it was what Winegartner composed when I was his child.

I sang out loud with them,and I could see she was the last lark in heaven!

2011年9月24日 星期六


秋天已經到了,不知不覺中,我胖了一圈, 但是不想刻意節食運動,只要在建康範圍內,胖一點無所謂!

每天,我都喜歡玩茶和咖啡,之前喝了一些奇茶,像女兒環和白毫銀針,覺得很有雅趣 ,但是奇茶如果常喝,容易失味,有時也有可能是受了潮,味淡了,會覺得好不心疼!現在我喝的茶,都是親戚送的,比如高山茶和東方美人,現在我不那麼講究茶具,只用有濾茶功能的馬克杯,喝的比較簡便,率真!
但是我有過經驗,因為喝和體質不合的茶,所以生皮膚病!那是很麻煩的事,可能要暫時不喝茶,也要調整生活習慣 !


茶可以過濾我的想法,有時候總覺的桌上一杯茶 ,看書才定的輕鬆,我是追求精神生活的人,但是有一部份的物質,可以隨同精神成長!比如一壺好茶!

2011年9月23日 星期五

Be a Stray Bird

I felt aimless but not knowing why,if I should love a man or woman and built life with him or she?
But,what would happen if love is not as I dream for?
I play solitary game but I am happy,my sisters would marry someday,and I will marry God ,as I wish!
I am aimless but not empty,because I love my neighbors when I saw I child in need I will hold him up,
and I try very hard to love everyone as love myself!
I don't know why sometimes I hate ,and I blame myself not to hate,because something irritate me and my emotion lose balance and peace.And I would tell God,I had never want to hate!
If a relationship would make me feel strong?I don't think so!A relationship would be a gambler for me,but depend on Jesus ,He wouldn't disappoint me!
Do you know what does Jesus means about"If you ask I give,Knock the door,I will open it!"
It is talking about heaven,if all you want is heaven,you will deserve heaven,but not making a fortune or becoming a beauty!It was my secret wisdom,no one ever taught me so,but I know it,and I know only chosen people will accept it!
I felt aimless,and not knowing why,especially when my friends talking about their career and wedding life,
I know my future is death then rise into heaven,but not having babies and busy life,anyway,I don't eager to being dead.I take my time!Schopenhauer was my master friend when I was in temptation,I am not disappointed for life and love,but I see through it,and no more a butterfly like when I was a little girl !
I don't know why some people think kids are naive so do they want love,for I know life is very real once you try!Why would I accept Schopenhauer's idea?It's not so tough for me,and I am aimless but existing!
I've never known why Existence is so close to my color,when I began to ask,I 've been fascinated!But I 've never given up life and love but I wish so much to live like a stray bird!
Do you fly like a stray bird?

2011年9月21日 星期三

A Beautiful Voyage

I didn't noticed why and how my drawing are all abstract in recent years,maybe since I felt someone stole my dreams!You know I take some medicine before sleep,but I am not a unreasonable person,only if you think my thought and ideas weren't complete and it is unreasonable!I have phychic ills ,but I am very conscious and straight,just like every one!
I love to know how will I have a beautiful mind,and it is not a simple task,many times I felt only melt in nonesense
daily life,I will have a beautiful view.Because when I take it as my target I would lose it!Did I try to isolate myself?Didn't I?I was very grey in diagnose ,and extremly painful,but I've never fallen into danger or evil's temptation,now when I turn back,I know God has never desert me!
Did I heard any voice?You think you are doctor!Yes,but more like inspiration ,and I insist on to give all inspiration upon  God,for I know if I had been seduced by the way,I will fall into temptation!
In those days,no matter how strong I be faithful,they just know how to break my view!
Who are they?I don't know!Maybe some secret society .They hate my mind ,I know!And after that I wouldn't be so proud for my beautiful mind.
No!I don't believe in evil!But the truth is I've left my childhood,and human nature is not a fairy tale!Why I must to leave my childhood dreams?So do I write stories ,because I could make up my lost dreams and I am always on my voyage to a beautiful mind!

2011年9月19日 星期一

Der Gesund Gott

Fragen nicht über Leben,wenn seine gefühle immer Krank sein!

Ich wisse, aber fragen ich immer "Wenn ist die Ende meine Krankheit ???"

Was ist Gesundheit???

Warum ein Gute Geist  wurde nicht Gesund !

Warum ein Rein Seele wieso pein!

Woher ist die Gesund Leben?

Ebenso ich suchen ,findet ich nur die Krank!

Der Artz sagt mich "Du bist nicht wieso gesundlich!"

Aber mein Gott sagt mich"Die Welt ist krank!"

Ich denken und denken!

Schlafen ich nicht jeden Tag und Nacht!

Denn ich wollen Tot!Weil ich gesung nicht!Dann Leben ich nicht!

Ich schwamm bis Tot ,gehöre ich die Engel

"Essen diese Mann der Gott wurden Gesund!"

2011年9月17日 星期六

Shepherd's Plan

If I don't plan anything about anything,then everything would happen in every time!
Do you believe in this philosophy?
And you would say so"But you are not so lucky!Why do you preach?"
Than,I will be very timid and conserved ,because when everything could happen it's nothing to do with fortune!
Geek poets would say no one could change his fate,even some wizards truly count fate,but unavoidable,every wizard must dead,for only God is God,super power is under His will!
Why people were so fun with magic?
When you badly feel your life is control by enemy spell,how awful you would feel?
Why there is spell to make us lose freedom?
It is because you plan something badly and God doesn't want you have!
Spells couldn't hurt people who totally fallow God!
Everything would happen to my life  because I accept my fate, just like every creature is all the same to God!
For God,everything is GOOD!Why  must we human-beings  complain day after day?
We must dead when our time is up,but death won't do us apart if we  won't be put into judgement!
We could still be children with an innocent soul,but,if we badly want to reach something on earth He would want us fall!
I've never known what does God plan about anything,but I plan nothing myself,for He is my shepherd I shall not want!

2011年9月14日 星期三

Another Musician

I don't know if music is my life,or my soul.
Heard of too many friends talking about how do they fight and desire for music,I full of admire for them,but,
I feel if I take music as a goal,I wouldn't feel music!I wouldn't love any!
Many days I desert my instruments because of anger for myself,yes,I was angry for myself!Do I know why?
Not totally!
Many days I couldn't even sing,and I sang awfully without any sense!Do I ever anger?As you wish,I anger spiritual world because it was too harsh to me!
For I used to blindly take every tutor's way as my style,and obviously I haven't meet another tone cohere with me.And obviously ,my feeling for art is not yet understood for even myself!
But why do I feel music is so beautiful,and charming?
I could feel performing couldn't be my ambition nor plan!
And I couldn't be proud of any form.....any style ..nor fame!
My life was very hard!And it is still!

Now I don't wish to accomplish any goal for art.
Many there ,laughing me giving up,and I don't mind how would them feel,any concert wouldn't be my contribution!
And I totally admit that I am limited in front of Titans' great,therefore,I could fly as a very small lark,play game like a very small kid,and they will smile into my lonely mind saying ---My poor little Blue Lark!

2011年9月12日 星期一

A Tough Choice

This season is tough for everyone!When we know enjoyment and pleasure wouldn't last for long!
Each time when I struggle in mind for confusing, I had reached a disappointed view of life,but God doesn't want me disappointed ,and the very next moment,when I hear a bird sing ,or see a sunny morning sky,I will pick up my faith for heaven!
We live in a tough age,the only hope of our future might be our expectation for the Universe ,the universe is still God's creation and we seek Him like lark fly into sky!The universe is the Mother Nature,and the mind of God,and He open His arm to hold us!
But we've always felt lost!I don't want to debate about which one is before the other,the Universe or God,but I believe in we exist because He loves us first,and the Universe is God,what He become and create,where we live and share!
The Universe is all creation,that is the Holy Spirit!And when we recognize it ,we will be beyond live or death,time and space!Life on earth is so fragile and short,why do we insist on to want to hold a illusion target?
A illusion target when we think only material bring happiness,or to occupy is success?!

2011年8月18日 星期四

Note 2011.8.19 morning

Love is to tolerance the enemy will.
Love shows itself,when conflict occurred!
Great is to love your enemy.

But only inside your heart,you pray and bless.
Even Jesus would heal only those who request him first.
And at His last moment He told God His enemy didn't know what they had done!

If we intend to love,even show love off,
It is dangerous,for we would be wound our soul and body,and have nothing rewarded !
We shouldn't give the Gold to dog!

Jesus emphasis on to love our neighbor.
It was not only neighborhood,but those who want to nearby the Gospel!

We love our enemy by prayer and tolerance,but not intend to preach and change!

2011年7月8日 星期五








她端著一杯伯爵奶茶,坐在沙發上,窗戶外是夕陽落在半山頭,小鳥啁啾的彼此對唱,九月是最美的季節,中秋節姐姐一定會回來渡假,家裡又會辦BarBeQ ,想到這裡,夏莉就覺得充滿了期待.
夏莉在冰箱裡翻來翻去,找到起司,鲔魚,和吐司,應該可以自己做個三明治 !夏莉超喜歡吃早餐的料理,雖然是晚餐的時間,她還是覺得吃跟早餐一樣就很棒了!爸爸媽媽就不一樣了,他们是老骨頭,早餐總是清粥小菜,可是夏莉已經瘦瘦的,如果只吃稀飯就太瘦了!
鳥兒飛了起來 ,躲過噴水,夏莉身後傳來聲音

"寶貝女兒!聽妳媽說,老師選妳去參加徵文比賽,妳有沒有把握啊 ?"
"老公!她才國中 ,你說這個幹嘛!"



就在她走到山腳時,看見一個破舊的手推車上,有兩隻被關起來的小鳥,一隻是黑色的,類似九官,但不完全像,夏莉懂的鳥不多,令一隻是黃色的,非常嬌小,夏莉敢快湊上去瞧,牠们在籠裡驚慌的亂飛,叫聲很好聽,不過夏莉覺得牠们很不快樂,像在求救!這時 ,夏莉覺得奇奇好幸福,不想被看就不必被看,如果是奇奇被關起來,或者是夏莉自己成為被囚禁和壓迫的動物,一定非常痛苦!直覺的!夏莉想放生牠们!其實夏莉不是沒有想到,她可能被誤解,但是她有勇氣,做自己覺得對的事!

"宣宣!妳真的有智慧 !"
結果其他同學聽見了,也圍過來一起合唱,最會彈琴的小穎,為大家伴奏 ,在歌聲中,夏莉幾乎忘記這幾天的奇遇和煩惱!


"甚麼樣的記錄片 ?"夏莉問她
"那我们三個合作 ,不成功便成仁!"亞力說

他们高興的玩著汽泡,聽著廣播,雖然那天是秋老虎,下了一半山也沒甚麼搞頭, 三個小朋友吹著風,很沒序的哼哼唱唱廣播裡的歌謠 .一會兒,海柔赤著腳走進餐桌
另一隻顯得嬌小,毛色半咖啡色半乳白色,眼神彷彿剛睡醒,傻傻的,很乖巧的樣子 !



2011年6月30日 星期四

Die Ewig Suchen

Was ist wichtig für ein Man die das Ewigkeit suchen?
Jesus sagt uns wenn wir  die irdischleben lassen,und denn unirdischleben findent.
Was bedeut das?
Wünschen Sie uns selbmord?
Jesus würden nicht tot,weil die Manschen er liebe ihn mord!
Er war die Herze schmerzen mehr als die Pein die Fleisch.

Die Ewigkeit ist bist jetzt zu immer noch.
Selbmord am Erde bedeute ewigkeit ende.
Und kanne nicht besser Himmel gehen!

Jesus war tot für uns,denn wir müssen nicht unser leben zu selbst schneiden.
Order wir könne nicht mit Gott union ,weil nach sein Auferstehung unser leben über Tot genehmt hatt!
Das ist ein Prozedur,bist jetzt zu Ewigkeit!

Die sache wir lassen müssen ist das irdisch Ziel.
Zu beispiel,das luxury leben,und die Ambition.
Wir haben nur ein Ziel,das ist die Himmel!
Bist jetzt und immer noch!

Wenn wir  Himmel suchen,bestimmt es findet!

Book Review for Wuthering Heights

Long time ago,when I was a teenager,I had chances to read Wuthering Heights,I made decision to only peek the structure ,but not to put myself in.Do you know why?Because I prophet someday I will read it in original language ,and I would be fascinated,for I am someone who never spoiled my taste! 
English classical literature had no rustic and violence,because England was very civilized. 
And female writers had their own room ,because their fathers adored them!So does Bronte Sisters,I cherished their works from I've begun to read! 
Old Catherine and her daughter were very similar in looking,but different in character,the Mother was deep and sentimental,the daughter was naive and happy.I couldn't suffer when little Cathy was jailed, 
a lark lose her freedom!And did you felt that little Cathy and little Linton were the original idea of another beautiful story"The Secret Garden"! 
Besides,did you feel the slight evil of romance was redeemed ,when Heathcliff died in repent? 
To be honesty,this novel jailed my mind for a while,because of I was totally fascinated! 
I haven't seen Wuthring Heights on film,but,only words had enchanted me! 
How could I ask more? 

2011年6月29日 星期三

Book Review for Thomas Wolf's Look Homeward Angel

This is my favorite American Romane. 

Began from old Gant and his American dream. 
He was the first generation of American immigrant. 
Old Gant and his wife Eliza were tough and rustic,but, 
they knew where will be the place called HOME! 

Their children were not always liked them! 
Ben was a spirit like fellow,and always sick. 
And Eugene,our leading role,seems like selfish,sensitive,and intelligent! 

Gant and Eliza hard work for Eugene to pursue his achievement in knowledge. 
But!It was painful to grow! 
Eugene fall in love,and what he gained at last ,was a broken heart and despair! 
Ben was so considered for his dearest younger brother. 
He guided Eugene through pain then soon he died. 
Eugene was so confused after Ben's death,uncertain about living in the scholar life or to be a adventurer.At last he choose school life. 

Eugene's first love is a little bit like my favorite movie"Cinema Paradiso"! 
And I feel pity that American theater ignored this beautiful story for long!

2011年6月25日 星期六

Die Wunderbar Welt

Was können das Berg sagen?
Wenn du allein das Berg steigen!

Hören Sie die Zikade!
Es sing im Forst wie String Quartet!

Hören Sie der klein Bach!
Er schlag das Rock wie spielen die Tremmol  !

Hören Sie die Vogel!
Sie haben viellen Liebelied mit dir erzahlt!

Wo ist deine Flöte?
Bestimmt es braucht wenn du Reise!

Und das Kinder lachen,
Fragen der Sonne"Warum der Welt ist wunderbar?"

2011年6月18日 星期六

Lark Rise with Song

There was a small town,surrounded by mountains,but those mountains were actually very small,too.
However,in the valley,you would hear all kinds of birds singing,although people who live there had never truly cared!
In this small town,was a young woman,who lived with her rabbits,books,violin,and piano.However, people just ignore her, including her music.No one know why she live alone,but young men would talk about her quietness,and her age,in the tavern ,especially when they dislike their girlfriends!
Seldom did her go on street,hearsay,her family were dead in a accident,left her a lot of money,however,nor would she buy luxury cloth ,but only red carrot and the latest sheets for violin!
Sometimes,she would walk her rabbits,took a pair of rabbit into the park, sat on grass ,and read some novels written in German.And her rabbits which were both spotty ,eating the flowers surround her.
One day,the postman was a little bit late,but the people there were very meek and patient.The postman carried a package,which was very large,and with a label written "uplift".

Kids saw the postman ridding the bike,group up to fallow him and sang weird songs out loud.
"Birds said the post were late!"
"Sun said there were enough to eat!"
"Mom said we must go into bed!"
"Who receive the post will never retain!"

When the postman rode by the young woman's shabby house,he stop,knock the door and called
"You got mail,Miss Marple!"
The young woman was playing a beautiful England Folk Song---Green Sleeves ,and noticed not the voice of the post man.Kids crowded beside the window and swift the curtain,saw the young woman who possible named Miss Marple,melt in her music and kids were very charmed by her beautiful tone!
After the song,she sigh along without reason,and kids yelled!
"You got mail,Miss Marple!"
She watched through the window and said ,
"You naughty children!"
And she opened the door.
"This is your package Miss,and please sign!"
She sign her name then carried the package inside.
Kids fallow inside and asked
"Could we see?"
Kids are always curious!
"Okay!But be quiet!"Not yell too loud!"
She carefully opened it.It was a very old violin which was dark and heavy!
Miss Marple began to cried.
"My favorite teacher,and father,you passed away!"
She couldn't stop weeping,kids were very wondering!
"Miss Marple why do you cry?"
She sighed ans said
"This is my violin master's instrument!"
"If he has dead?"A little girl ask!
"I'm not certain,but what could I certain?"
"Do you play for us?With this old violin?"
She put it on the shoulder and play a beautiful song call "On Wings of Song"!
The village was echo with the romantic melody.
Many busy people still ignore the music and the young woman
But when she play,
All The Lark Rise with The Wings of Song.

2011年6月12日 星期日

Ein Neun Welt

Ich wunchen ein Neun Welt.

Wenn die Manschen und das Tier mit ein ander zu sprichen.

Wenn der Reich und die Arm beide glücklich.

Wenn wir  der Gottes Wort hören und antwort.

Wenn der Mann und das Kinder  am Wald zussamme spielen.

Ich wunchen diese Traüm .

Weil Ich deine gleich Traüm wissen.

2011年6月11日 星期六

Summer Sky

When I looked into sky.
There was soft cloud dance with lace.
How I love the summer sky!

Summer has come for one week.
And I feel the nature was changing.

That evening ,I walked on street,
In the neighborhood with trees.
The New Moon shined between the trees!
And when I try to find out.
There were twinkle stars!

I didn't know how would the stars so clear?
I couldn't help singing a song,which I made up,
To worship the New Moon Starry night!

And I believe,
The world is hopeful!

Do you believe in?

The Life Baggage

Am I alone?
Totally alone?
In a world where love is uncertain.

I couldn't see these faces.
They were my friends,
When I was very young,
But ,turn off!
All become strangers!

I was naked born.
Someday empty leave.
Why should I keep in any touch?

Don't say I am childish.
For I am certain.
I won't bring anything heaven.

These groups of people shared laughter and tear.
Suddenly,gone with the wind.
All left is the memory.

I carried the baggage of memory for a while.
Till they all lost same baggage.

Someday they walked by me.
And I ignore them.
They called me and said,
Where is your baggage?

I said,I am so poor that no property was keep!
She bitterly smiled.

Because I know.
Only when we were very young!

2011年5月26日 星期四

The Millionaire

We live in a sorrow age.
Uncertain the future.
Unexpected the fate.

When God anger.
He destroy our home with a finger.

When we cry.
He turn off ,and left.

Should we seek for happiness?
If there is any justice of happiness?
For our homes were blow up by tornado!
For our civilization become a disaster!

Many people haven't know the greedy mind.
Is what we must be judged.

Blindly they want invest in a new factory.
It will be in some place.
Which is eager to grow.
Which is tiresome of poverty.

But no one know why the lakes were dry?
No one know why the air was too grey to breath!
And they still lacks money.

The rich people said .
They only want to help.
And thank God their homeland were very clean!

Someday,there will be no glacier on earth.
And everywhere is the atom pollution.
Polar bears and Koalas disappear.
People wear mask on street.
And use iPhone 100.
Talking about politic.

At that day,
The earth turn into hell.
Human who must live here.
Are all millionaire!

2011年5月16日 星期一

Where Will We Go

I am wondering a suggestion.
If possible the Alien Beings were the dead creatures on the Earth?

Suppose the Universe continue expand.
And the Creatures on the Earth gradually dead,the number continue increase.

Would these two unknown expansion ,come from a possible reason----
Creatures on Earth would move into outer space after death.

In religion,in the Divide Comedy,the Paradios were seven planets in the outer space.
In Germany,the word "Himmel" represent both "Heaven" and "Sky".
In the old fairy tales,the poor old Mom would become a star shining high above,
and protect her children on earth.

I don't know what will our earth become
If we Mankind destroy the Earth's balanced climate.
Maybe it will be "The End of World"which is "the Day of Judgement".
God will make decision,which planet we will go to!

And I believe in there must be some planet ,as hard as hell!
And some place,as sweet as the dreamland!

2011年5月2日 星期一









像我最愛看Holmes 而且只看Jeremy Brett 演的,


2011年4月26日 星期二

How Much You Love

What will I find?
Crossing the river,till the next mountain top!                          

"Concentrate on every step!"
How my conscious said.

But ,if nothing was beyond,
Why should I adventure?

The sun was behind the cloud!
And it wasn't clear,
My next passage!

Once I couldn't endure it.
I might totally lose!
Lose from the game with God!
How He built and desert me!

Cause I couldn't foresee,
If the next mountain top,
It is dreamlike!

Once I turn back,
Nothing even a chance!

My steps were harsh!
Danger to fall off!
Danger the biting snakes!

A Blue Bird received me,
On a branch of pine tree.

He looked at me like a wonder!
Then flight between the valley.

I fallow him!
The ray of sun broke out from the sky!

It was a castle in the cloud.
Where God sat and smiled to me!

"Little one!How much you love me?"

"As much as how you love me!"

2011年4月25日 星期一

The Traveler and Deer

The voice of wind,.echoes in the mountains.
The traveler was tired.
His arms sored ,and legs were pain.
Where to rest?
He asked Jesus,
And there was no reply.

But only the sound of bugs!
Hummimg around him!

He was thirsty!
Seemed like a stream was nearby.

He searched and found,
A little stream with melted ice.
Flow around.

And a deer was there.
Innocently smelt the fragrance of spring air.

He tried to be very very friendly.
But the little deer was so frightened.
That she hide away from the traveler.

He was heart-broke!
Then dig heart out and said
"If this is what you wish?"

The deer ran away like wind!

And the big trees rumored,
"Her weeping tear was like the dewdrops on leaf!"

2011年4月21日 星期四

The Nest of Blue lark: How Large is the Universe?

The Nest of Blue lark: How Large is the Universe?

The Nest of Blue lark: How Large is the Universe?

The Nest of Blue lark: How Large is the Universe?: "This is my review from the film of youtube.And I believe that not only me think so! If we mankind seek to know the universe and how it was..."

How Large is the Universe?

This is my review from the film of youtube.And I believe that not only me think so!

If we mankind seek to know the universe and how it was made,
It would be a bit of like building the Barbel Tower,
When our ancestors tried to know where was God living.

What would happen?
Aren't we gradually destroy this Earth?
And this was because of "His Anger"?
I don't know!

I remember Einstein as a humble man from the Creator!
But not  an ambitious man who seeks the Maximum of universe,then blindly thinks himself higher than the creator !
Creator of the "SUPERMAN"theory ,died in the psychiatric hospital,if anyone super than God?

I respect these fighters for human knowledge.
But I know,if we humbled,He show us more,more about the TRUTH!

How Large is the Universe?

2011年4月18日 星期一

Eagle in Sun

After a thought,what's left?
After a song,what'll exist?

There was no one but a lonely philosopher.
Or a heart-break poet.
And he was seeking a while of peace.
A space of memory.

Nothing left but the ego.
The ego as an Eagle,strayed and lonely.

When no one notice him.
He flight high and far.
But ,when he fall in love.
With the last summer rose.
He just couldn't see.
Why a love song,
Turn into bitter wine?

The tempest tore them apart.
Then he buried his rose in grave.
And seeks for the redeemer the sunshine.

The child asked,
"If there was a eagle in the Sun?"

And he was so proud!

2011年4月8日 星期五











2011年3月25日 星期五









2011年3月14日 星期一

The End of World

The catastrophes came one by one.
I believe in the End of World would come soon.
In order to pass the Judgement Day,I must do everything Jesus said.
Donate to poverty  only be with daily necessity ,love my neighbors ,
forgive enemy and to be without hatred .........

Do everything God request !
Jobs and romance are not so important!
The one who pray will go into heaven but not the other who had done a lot of works!
Besides,in the heaven there is no one married ,why should I insist on earth for the love letters!

I must loose my weight as quick as possible!
Because for us Catholic ,we will resurrect with the figure on Judgement Day!

I don't want go to department store for fun anymore!
In Taipei,every stores cooperate with Japan,I don't want to be easy and funny in front of them!

Mourn for Japan!
Mourn for New Zealand !
Mourn for Queensland!
Mourn for those who haven't awake!

2011年2月27日 星期日

Isolated Existence

I live in the way of isolation,but , friendly to my neighbors!
I choose to focus on my relationship with God but fallow His will to feel and love my neighbors.
In other words,it was God who loves and I obey.

Have I ever exist?

What is the price of my life?

I come to learn how to reach heaven.
To reach heaven is not because I am so great and strong,but because I give up the mortal price value,and receive His mercy .
Once and once again,we said"Your kingdom come,on earth as in the heaven"
This sentence is nuclear of t my faith.
I do my best to be a peace maker and  His helper on earth in order to build His kingdom.
And this is just the reason and value of my life.
To live !Till I qualified the membership of Heaven.

I like to go to the nature along,and feel the vigor of creatures.
To feel what God wish me to learn ,what is the true compassion for every grass and insect.
Every creature is my neighbor,but not only the one next door.
I am not doing any kindness or charity,but feel God's words by mind.
It is Him who combine the creatures in love.
And heaven begins from a very small seed inside our mind!

Only when the catastrophe come,we obviously feel how do our neighbors need!
But,to love someone is not always to shelter and benefit him!
To love our neighbor is to understand and bless each other.
Just as God doesn't always feed us but tolerance our limitation.

To exit is to be like God!
Don't be shock!
He create us human-beings as His kind.
Only when we sense we exit with God ,then ,we reach the value of life!

To be like God,is to have a heart like Jesus!

2011年2月15日 星期二

God looks whole ,Man limited

How could I know the voice of God,and never misunderstand it?
How would God talk to us?
In the way of meditating,inspiration,pray,or ponder?
We should look inside to meet God,or seek Him in our life?

God is in everything,even Satan was made by Him.God talks to us by anyway,but sometimes ,He tempt us to go into danger and mistake,not because of He is not a righteous God!But because He want to challenge us to be wiser and stronger!

Sometimes,we feel a result is not good,but for God,everything is good!Because He looks the whole but people only look part of!For human-being,something happen as disaster but for God,it is Good News for the Universe!

How could we obey Him?If many times,we couldn't know His will?

For us Christian,we fellow every word of Jesus.But sometimes we feel complicate in emotion or inspiration and nothing to do with the Christian ideas,then,what should we do?

We should give it up to God ,that Him make the decision!
Or,believe in, this is the time He want us to make the decision.
Because He had already combined inside us!

How long should we wait for His answer?

Everything patient,remember,God looks whole Man looks limit!

2011年2月10日 星期四


迷路了!   走失了!




"我沒有做錯!"   "我沒有做錯!"

"你為甚麼折磨我?"  "你為甚麼折磨我?"





2011年1月23日 星期日

Brideshead Revisited

Brideshead Revisited

At the end of my twenties,I knew this story,which is breathtaking for my feeling!
At first,I watch the drama,then I was thirsty to read the book of Evelyn Waugh.
I remember ,many days I was left alone at home,read Waugh's words and recalled the drama.
And in my CD player ,it was Aled Jones' pure and sensitive tone,singing"I Found A Dream"!
It was my last youth!
And my last dream!
And I heartbreak for the story!
Someday after,I read "Die Geburt der Tragödie,
I fund out ,Sebastian represent Dionysus,
Charles represent Apollo!
Pity I am not Nietzsche,
But a Susanna with no pity for youth!

2011年1月6日 星期四


"媽媽!今天老師不點名! 即使他不來學校,也不挨鞭子!"












2011年1月3日 星期一


In this village,no one doesn't know him.He lived alone,in the corner of market square.
It was a cabin with heavy mess and dust,usually very quiet and peaceful,only if in the Sunday afternoon,it seems like many people sang out loud from the cabin.And the one who lived inside was a old man with a very smart cat.Hear said they didn't need to visit any place but people from all over the world wrote poster cards to them.

This village was as tradition as when Mozart was born,and people in this village would like to walk to the market square and gift the old man fresh fruit and milk.Because he was too old to work,no one know his past tense ,but everyone respect him.

It was a beautiful afternoon,a boy who got lost in his trip,he came to the nameless village.And he was a happy creature,he sang beautiful songs and said HELLO to everyone.He was about ten or eleven ,with brand new white shirt and blue pants.Besides ,he dress a hat with pink -blue ribbons.
That boy was very innocent ,he heard music from the cabin.He was very  uncertain about if it was
properly to knock the door that time.So he decided to watch from the window,when he came to the window,that cat was a bit of angry,because she was taking sun-bath.The boy said
"Sorry !Cat!May  I listen to them singing?"
"Keep quiet young fellow,my father was very focus !"
Then he saw the old man was conducting and about ten boys were there singing together!They sang the songs which he has never heard of,but wonderful like dreams.
He couldn't help to sing with them, with very quiet voice.The old man still noticed him and turn back.
"My boy!You cannot sing alone!Join us!"
"I worried I am not so classic!"
"Yes!You do!"
He came inside and fund out that there were ten violins on wall and the old man was making a new violin.
"Where are them?Your Choir?Where have they been?"
"Sweat young fellow,there were only me and the violins,include Lily--my little cat."
"I am very sure there was a choir in the cabin,I am  absolutely sure!"
Lily,the little cat jump on the desk and said
"It was violins singing their holy ghost!"
The old man smiled and gave the boy the brand-new violin he just made.
He shivered and said
"I cannot play violin!I could only sing!"
"Sing by your violin!"

My dear children !
It was the story Jascha Heifetz told his sons, and his sons told their sons and daughters.
It was a real story how did Heifetz begin to play his violin.
And for many years I told every children!

My Hero

I love my hero Sherlock Holmes!!